Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Gonna Distract You With Some Pictures

Having readers with mad crafting skills is a definite bonus. It's a strange and wonderful experience to be gifted with a tangible interpretation of something that once existed only in your own mind.

 I consider them (and their creators) to be amongst my greatest treasures.

My friends The Henrys made this beauty, inspired by a cup and saucer in this excerpt.

From Our Barney Google Line....
Charlie held up a hand, asking Pavel to wait. Scrambling onto the kitchen counter to reach the highest cupboard, Charlie gingerly retrieved a tiny tea cup and saucer. They were both black and covered with googlie eyes, and the pupils jiggled a bit when Charlie tapped the cup against the saucer in three sets of three before rinsing it in the sink.

“How did you even remember where that was?” Virgil hadn’t seen the tiny dishes for years. It had been a part of Viv’s collection of Odd Little Kitchen Things. When the twins were younger, she had often brought them out to be admired. Chase and Charlie loved to examine the smaller than life items with reverence.


Hamelin first appears in Chapter One .

My sister made this gorgeous version of the villain, Hamelin.  Those jewels clutched in her tiny claws are very powerful--so no sudden moves!

Don't be deceived by how adorable she looks in this picture. Hamelin is three feet tall, commands an army of werewolves, and eats the hearts of her living victims.

This softer, gentler version is my lucky charm and (like my sister) she always makes me feel like I will succeed.

You're smart.  You know I didn't quite meet my personal deadline.
Close, but no cigar.  And I remain implausibly optimistic!
Stay tuned. It will be soon.

BONUS: Sassy Pink Frog!
Hello, Sailor!

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Jennifer Groepl said...

Oh I LOVE that sassy pink frog! Is that part of your collection? Didn't you say once you had a collection? I think so, but I'm too lazy to look back and check! :P What a great idea to make your visions into reality. Kudos to your sister for being so supportive too! Thanks for sharing!