Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who's That Lady?

Wanna Hear a Story?
My photog friend and I are having a (weather pending) photo shoot.  The goal is to create an authorial headshot to replace this one, which is dandy for my theatrical life, but perhaps for the literary world it would be wise to show less of my - erm - talents. To make matters worse, in thumbnails the top of my head often gets cut off and I needs those brainses!

We plan to gallivant around and see what photo-ops jump out at us.  Could be we get nothing and you are stuck with Ms. "I Know a Secret" over there for a while longer, but we will have fun trying.

I would love a picture involving a wishing well, since it is an image central to my current novel and the nerdiness would be divine. Other than that we are open to suggestions - what do you think, Birdies?

PS:  My Day 2 - NaNoWriMo Count = 3431

1 comment:

Sarah Pearson said...

I actually really like that picture, but if not, well, trees are good :-)