Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happier Holiday!

Frostabella and Her Celebrity Friends!

Having a fantastic December, working as Frostabella the Snow Princess at the airport.  A strange little gig made even stranger by the fact that I start to work at 6 am.  While this may be the norm for some, I can assure you tis not the regular hour for theatre folk. Nothing like going through security at the crack of dawn with false lashes, covered in glitter, bumpit in place, and hot rolled curls a bouncing.  If you have never entered the airport sporting this look, you don't know what you are missing!

My pal Frosty and I walk up and down the halls of the airport as people shout hello, wave, and come running over for hugs and pictures.  Little kids gasp and jump for joy when they see us--except for the ones who burst into tear and run the other direction.  I've had more high fives and photos taken this week than I have my whole life.  People say things like "best airport trip ever" and "thank you for brightening my morning" on a regular basis.  Addicting.  Not to mention that girl could get used to people shouting "Hello, Princess!"  and telling her she looks beautiful every few steps.

I think my favorite is to see a sleepy adults eyes widen in disbelief as the look up from their airport stupor, not sure if they are really seeing a princess and a 7 ft tall snowman or if they have succumbed to travel madness. There have only been a handful of crankwads - but they are easily forgotten in the smiles and goodwill.  It has truly been a gift to have a part in spreading a little snowshine!

The downside (other than the 4:30 am alarm) is my face hurts from smiling and I can't stop waving and making eye contact with people; here's hoping no one knocks my block off in Target. 

Wishing you and yours a delightful winter and new year, filled with new stories, unexpected snowman, and all the glitter you can stand!  Cheers!


Sarah Pearson said...

Awww, what a great job. I'd love to see someone like you on my travels :-)

Kate Swenson said...

@Sarah - I agree, you know it's a great job when you forget you get paid too! :)

The Blogger Girlz said...

What a great way to get people in the holiday spirit!

Merry Christmas