Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Am A NaNoWriMo--NoWi.

That right--I am a National Novel Writing Month Non-Winner.  And I am okay with that.

I have won many things in my time, including a bubble blowing contest and a minnow bucket. I have lost many things in my time, like every 5K I ever have or will enter and my marbles.

Such is the life of a participant

You win.
You lose.
You always learn.
And, if you're lucky, there are snacks!

What Did I Learn? 
Do I Look Like I Care About Numbers?
My official NaNo word count was 38,036. Better than a kick in the head! And no, I am not sure why I didn't just plunk down "but that wasn't all" for a nice round 38,040.  Anywhoo that is 11, 964 short of the goal.

I learned how many words I average per session, without brain bleed. I also learned how far I can push myself to up the word count.

Since it is never natural for me to think in terms of numbers--this is quite valuable. Now, with the aid of a calcumachine, I can better estimate how long it will take to get this first draft out.

With these same new skeeelz I can see that, if I hadn't taken a week off from writing to open a show, I would have easily "won." Cool.  I enjoy knowledge.

What Were The Snacks?

I whipped out a goodly chunk of NaNo words and the cute little wine bar near my house. Popcorn with Truffle Oil and a glass of Chardonnay, nerd power foods to be sure.   Yum.

There you have it.  My NaNo Nutshell.  I totally plan to do it again next year.  It was a great jump start and it was fun. 

How was your NaNo? I wish I had attended at least one Write-In, this year.  Did any of you attend such an event?  Was it worth it?


Christine Rains said...

That's an excellent word count! I agree the important thing is participating. I made the word count, but I haven't written a word since. Post-NaNo depression... and too much stuff that needs to be done for the holidays!

The Fam said...

You are awesome. Looking forward to reading the new adventure someday!

Holly L'Oiseau said...

I didn't even enter this year, so you were already one step ahead of me just by being a part of NaNo! lol