Sunday, August 14, 2011

So What's It About?

So here's my pitch. When delivering it in the moment I use it as guide and improvise.

Children of Utrøst

Chase and Charlie have always been the freakiest twins on the block: she's allergic to light, he can smell emotions, their mother is a sword loving lesbian, and their grandpa grows his own.

It doesn't get much weirder, until it does. They all get sucked through the garden wishing well and end up on Utrøst, an island sanctuary for all things magic. The last rat of Hamelin and her army of werewolves have declared war and naturally Chase and Charlie are the only ones who can stop her. No pressure.

Going from the bottom of the social ladder to the top of the food chain isn't easy.  Puberty is even wilder on Utrøst, along with the usual falling in love and figuring yourself out, there are new magic powers and unexpected body parts-distractions that will prove deadly in the midst of war.

Stay tuned for the chapters from my PNWA Finalist Entry!!

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