Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blogging Games

I have been tagged by the lovely Alynza Smith and now must come up with ten random things about myself that will be interesting but not frighten any of my pretty birdie followers. Then I shall tag four of my new buddies and the fun continues across the internetwebs!  Here it goes.

Hee hee - gross!

1.   I prefer plastic utensils for most foods, especially sweet or cold things. (But I can act like a normal person when out in public)

2.  My day job often involves playing dress up and being bossy...perfection.

3.  I collect frogs, but not just any frog I have frog standards.

4.  Whenever I leave a car, the seatbelts are twisted.  Same goes for a room with rugs.  Chaos is my calling card.

5.  Stuffed animals displayed in the back window of a car give me rage.

6.  I grew up in a very small town - there were 20 people in my graduating class.

7.  I love recipes and changing them.

8.  I like pink, but not just everything pink, I have pink standards.

9.  Been running around with the same dude for 23 years and he still makes my heart go pitterpat.

10.  I am a lefty and manage to injure myself in the most ridiculous incidents.

That was fun and I'm gonna tag these cool kitties.  Wanna play?  If you don't please see above image!  :)

Alleged Author (a nice break from pursuing love of ze dance)
Small Town Shelly Brown (fellow thespian)
Annalise Green (cause she loves monsters)
Jilly Bean (My first non-friend follower!)


Jennifer Groepl said...

Ha ha! There were only 10 in my graduating class and 8 of 'em were girls! Any pink frogs in the collection? :-)

Jillybean said...

How interesting! What kind of frogs do you collect, and what are your frog standards? [g]

I don't like stuffed animals staring at me from other cars either. Eegh.

There were about 750 in my graduating class.......LOL

I'mma do my list pretty soon!

Angelina C. Hansen said...

Thanks for following my blog. I thought I'd already followed you, but maybe it was on Twitter? I just took care of it. Good to meet another Washingtonian.

Claire Lachance said...

Great answers!

Sarah Pearson said...

Yay! I'm a lefty too, and very proud of it. I'm also very clumsy, I wonder if there's a connection?

Alleged Author said...

Thanks for the tag. :) I will do this for my Wednesday post once I'm out of work tomorrow!

Holly L'Oiseau said...

Awesome list! So glad to hear you have frog and pink standards! lol

Crystal Cheverie said...

Very cool! What kind of frogs? And I think we need to hear more about these pink standards - are you more of a pastel pink kinda gal or hot pink or... ? Also? Your job sounds like fun!

Kaylie Austen said...

Ha! Stuffed animals drive me crazy, too. And, it's good to know that you have high standards because believe me, not all pink frogs are the good sort, if know what I mean! ;)

Tara said...

Nice "get to know you" post for a fellow campaigner. Good timing. ;-)

Travis said...

I did mention I gave you an award right?

jamilajamison said...

Haha, great answers! I am really loving this meme -- so much fun to learn things about my blogging friends that I wouldn't have found out otherwise. :D

Jolene said...

Yay, another lefty here :) And your number 5 made me LOL!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Freud would say there was nothing random in anyone's 10 "random" choices. Hope your weekend goes well. Since I am a rare blood courier with a tropical storm bearing down on my community, I will be very, very busy! Roland

The Blogger Girlz said...

Gotta love deceptive packaging.