Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Celebration of Nerds (Again)

Just enjoyed a weekend at the Kite Festival in Pacific Beach, WA.  With the sound of the ocean in your ear, plenty of Bloody Mary in your veins, and the gentle sway of the kites all around you, it's basically like spending the weekend inside a tropical fish tank.

So. Chill.
Let your Frog Flag fly!
Did you know there was such a thing as Stunt Kiters?

(Try saying that 3x fast without being a dirty bird!)

Stunt Kiters, who are real, might just connect on the beach with like-skilled folk they've never met before and spend hours shoulder to shoulder making their kites dance in an impossibly synchronized dance. How?  How? Even up close it doesn't look real. So cool.

I just love discovering a new nerd pocket! You know, one of those weird hobby/obsessions/lifestyles that make you say, "That's a thing?"

It could be LARPers, adventure racers, urban farmers, part-time zombies, scooter clubs, or rabid collectors of Weird Item X. I love knowing that they're out there and I want to know all about it. I am giddy knowing there are entire mini-cultures I've never dreamed of complete with etiquette, snobbery, and a language all their own.  Even if they don't turn my personal crank, they are always (briefly) fascinating. It's world building in real life! 

Where my nerds at?


Jennifer Groepl said...

Always been a nerd and likely always will be! Yay nerds!

Crystal Cheverie said...

Nerdy nerd right here!!! Stunt Kiters... Sounds awesome, and yes, the scene in the pic looks VERY chill... :-)

Lisa Potts said...

Fellow nerd here. Stunt Kiters sound amazing! Just wanted to let you know there is an award waiting for you on my blog - Congrats!

Emilia Quill said...

I've larped a few times. I signed up a little late for my first larp so all the woman roles were taken. So I was Leon, the pheasant who's one true love had been kidnapped by an evil aristocrat, also played by a woman.
That's a problem, not enough guy's larp, in Finland at least.

We have jokes about the beard/elf ear glue that only comes off using alcohol.

Love the tropical fish tank image. Would like to see that someday.

Laila Knight said...

Stunk kiters? I can't remember the last time I saw a kite, period. I could be fun. :)

Kate Swenson said...

I recently tried to play "kiters" in Words With Friends and it rejected me. Did I invent a new word? Double nerd points!! :)

Fairview said...

You are part of my beginning bloggers group and I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for some awards.
Leibster Blog (for blogs of less than 200 followers),

Versatile blogger award (I see you're into a lot of things: Theater and writing and kites?)

and the Lovely Blog award (I like the design of your blog).

Anyway, check out my post and I hope you get some traffic from this!