Monday, September 5, 2011

Ambergis Martini

Are you done yet?

Um. No.  Well, yes.  But, no.

It's a valid question.

Truth is there are all kinds of "done" in the writing process: done with the first draft, done with second draft, done with crit group edits, done with rewriting, and capital D - Done.

I get pretty excited every time I reached a done. I like celebrations -- there's dancing, hooting, and martini sipping.
 So when can I officially say I am Done and sip my martini straight from the pitcher?

In my mind Done is when this current WIP is beautified to the point that it can be sent out to agents. Then it becomes the book I am selling and something new will snag the title of WIP.  I am looking forward to that part of the adventure.  My goal is to be Done by October 1.  Will that happen?  Maybe-we will jump in that well when we get to it.

It's all pretty clear to me, but it's hard to explain to my interested and supportive friends and family.  I have used many a questionable comparison: writing a book is like building a house, writing a book is like producing a show, writing a book is like turning whale barf into perfume (that's probably the most accurate,)  but the truth is that writing a book is like writing a book and not everybody is gonna get it. Just like I don't get motorcycle racing or reality TV.

How do you explain it?  Or do you?


Angelina C. Hansen said...

I simply respond, "Getting there."

There is when I show them a copy of the book ^_^

Nicole said...

Hope you get to "Done!"

Jodi Su said...

OH yes! The whale barf will stick with me Kate!

Sarah Pearson said...

I don't tell anybody anything :-)

Good luck getting 'done'!

Jennifer Groepl said...

Like Sarah, I don't tell anybody anything. lol I agree with you, Kate, that many people just don't get it so it doesn't do much good to try to explain the process. Good luck with meeting your goal! If you haven't already, you can connect with others with writing goals under the Twitter hashtag #writegoal.

Crystal Cheverie said...

Good luck getting 'er done!

I just say that there's still a lot of "tweaking" to be done. It is kind of hard to make the non-writerly types "get it" though, eh?

F.E. Sewell said...

Whale barf! Love it!

Just stopping in to say hello, btw. We're in the same beginner bloggers group. :)

Jolene said...

Big or little - every "Done!" is worth a party! Yay you :)